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MKE Production Assistance has historically served as partner to Cream City Casting and various other local contacts to provide the general and diverse talent required. In addition to diverse talent, we have provided last minute talent adds or replacements, and non actors (regular people) as well as the full casting on 3 short films a web series (I Like Chains /eat,sleep, FROLF 2017- ,ThreeSixFive 2016, Spare Change 2015, Hamster Wheel 2013), and a handful of music videos.




Aurora Healthcare:

"Better Together - Invisible Bond"

Rubin Whitmore 
"Savage" (Feature)

State Farm:

"Da Tailgate Face Paint"


UWM Production Club:
"Silent Faces" (Short)
Clients (Assisted with casting)
  • State Farm

  • Cream City Casting

  • UWM- Production Club

  • Adidas 

  • NFL (Play 60)

  • Milwaukee Art Institute

  • Johnsonville Brats

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